Marrakech Holidays: Things You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Marrakech, Africa’s first official cultural capital, is a complete package of fun and excitement that attracts tourists from all over the world. Of the many well-known holiday destinations across the globe, Marrakech holidays never go off the list.

Whether it’s culture, luxuries, or the bustling nightlife fun, Marrakech is the ideal destination to be. The city is adorned with impressive architecture, an old-town Medina, and maze-like streets and souks (marketplaces).

Other things to do in Marrakech such as camel rides in the desert, hot air balloon rides, day excursions, day & night beach parties, traditional food, music, etc. keep the visitors on their toes and have the best times.

While your luxury accommodation, travel, reservation, and bookings are taken care of by us, there’s so much beyond that for you to experience. Along with a comfortable stay and delicious food, there are plenty of other things to do in Marrakech that will make your visit a memorable one.

Beyond the thrilling nightlife and relaxing beach parties, Marrakech has a lot more to offer which includes visiting places, shopping in the local markets, and trying the local cuisines at varied locations.

Through this blog, we’ll enlist the top Marrakech things to do that you can’t afford to miss while being in the city. The best things in Marrakech are to be seen, felt, tasted, and touched. Strolling through the city while experiencing every bit of its culture and vibe is worthwhile.

Some people presume that this 1000-year-old city is all about alluring alleyways and snake charmers. Well, this is true; however, there’s more to this city such as live entertainment, cultural performances, exquisite foods, and fun drinks.

Look At Things To do in Marrakech While You’re in the City.

The Local Whereabouts at Jema El-Fnaa

Known for the hustle-bustle of the local crowd, Jema El-Fnaa is one of the busiest and most happening public squares in Marrakech. Here, you’ll find rows of local shops with food hawkers, snake charmers, fortune tellers, etc. that tempt the visitors greatly.

Located just outside the Medina, the place is a delight, especially after sundown. You can listen to street music, explore the local cuisines, and shop for your dear ones. The place is accessible to visitors between 6 am to 1 am; however, it’s best to visit after sunset.

The Thrill of Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is one of the top things to do in Marrakech that offers a massively thrilling and adventurous experience. Hot air ballooning activities in Marrakech involve flying above the Berberi villages, Deserts, Oasis, and the Atlas Mountains to give an astounding view of Marrakech and the surroundings.

Flying over the entire city in an airship is sure to give you some of the best experiences in life. If you are an adventurer or looking to experience the thrilling buzz, a hot air balloon ride is the perfect thing for you. At VIP@Marrakech, we will have the reservations done for your ride along with timely pickup and drop facilities.

The Souk Cuisine

Food is a major part of the Moroccan culture and the Souk cuisine beautifully interprets its varied flavors. The souk cuisine includes putting up cookery classes accompanied by a twist.

It is a wholesome experience where you’ll shop for the ingredients before heading toward the cooking table. Once you’re done shopping for cooking essentials, a group of women will guide you through the process of cooking the local foods.

It’s fun to discover the unique recipes and cooking methods of the local people while exploring more about their cultures and daily lives. The best part? You’ll end up preparing some of the tastiest local foods in town.

The Museums

Marrakech is quite famous for its rich history and heritage that dates back to some time around 1070 AD. It’s been an important Islamic city for the longest time that has been a hub for caravans crossing the Sahara Desert.

The top Marrakech things to do includes a long list of museum visits, especially for those who love to explore the beauty and tradition of varied cultures. Some of the most popular museums in Marrakech include the Marrakech Museum, Dar Si Said, Maison de la Photographie, etc. Which exhibit the magnificent collection of art, craft, architecture, and livelihood patterns of the Morrocan people.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the interesting insights that one can get from visiting the museums in town. These museum visits are usually included in the day excursions.

There You Go!

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Not just that, we also plan complete holiday trips to Marrakech and ensure that you don’t miss out on any fun. Be it the famous beach parties and nightlife or the thrilling hot air ballooning or mountain tours. You can rest assured of all Marrakech bookings and reservations in advance.

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