Danielle – March 18, 2021

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After launching a concierge service in Marrakech, VIP@Marrakech are now entering the world of reservation systems.

Why create an online booking platform?

Having spent 5 years getting to know the concierge industry inside out, it has given them a unique perspective on the challenges restaurants face. From acquiring customers, to vast no-shows, to manually reconfirming bookings, Marrakech restaurants face all the same challenges as their European counterparts. With the COVID pandemic having closed most restaurants in the city, and many venues not having the spare resources to spend on new technology, the VIP@Marrakech team have been busy creating a simple, affordable and easy to implement online booking system that promises to take venues from no presence online to a fully working system in 48hrs.

“Quote” – MD

As their Managing Director Rupal Gohil explained to me, “No more fixed terminals or clunky computers, we provide restaurants with their own online booking page that connects directly into our mobile based booking management system”.

What are the benefits?

No more time wasted replying to emails or answering phone calls, clients can book 24hrs a day on the website. No more no shows, the booking system can take a refundable security deposit. No more replying on walk-in business, you can instantly see who is booked, for what date and even send them information on offers and events before they arrive.

Who will be using the platform?

The VIP@Marrakech team have already signed up multiple venues in the city and expect to add more over the coming months.

Want more information?

Email us at danielle@vipatmarrakech.com

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