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VIP at Marrakech & VIP at Barcelona have worked with DJ M for many years. Having earnt himself the title of the official brand DJ for the VIPGroups, the bond between DJ M and us is more than just business. From sharing the same core values to enjoying great cuisines of the world, this was a relationship that was bound for success.

DJ M creates live mixes exclusively for our joint mixtape series called “vive la Marrakech”, music for our videos/social media content and has successfully performed and sold out some of the top clubs in Marrakech.

DJ M has performed worldwide and is internationally known, constantly raising the bar and not afraid to challenge himself to break boundaries DJ M was recently invited to perform at Jay Z’s world famous 40/40 Club in New York City.

DJ M is a open format DJ who can confidently remix different genres but not limited to Hip Hop, House, reggaeton, Afro and Trap.

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